Maine towns have these options when they want to cut the costs of their waste

Travis Wagner, University of Southern Maine. Originally posted in Bangor Daily News Jan 31, 2017. A major challenge facing towns and cities across Maine is reducing the costs of managing the municipal solid waste their residents and local businesses produce. While the state can shift management costs onto producers and levy landfill taxes, municipalities’ options […]

Trump’s climate denial doesn’t change the United States’ obligation to cut emissions

Michael Howard, University of Maine. Originally published in Bangor Daily News Dec 13, 2016. If we want to know where a President Donald Trump administration is headed on climate change policy, we should not be distracted by Trump’s “open mind” about climate change, despite his repeatedly denouncing it as a “hoax” perpetrated by China. It […]

Trump suddenly has an ‘open mind’ on climate change. We hope he means it.

Harold Borns Jr. and Sharon Tisher, University of Maine, originally published in the Bangor Dailey News Dec 6, 2016. President-elect Donald Trump has denounced “ climate change (global warming) bulls—-,” promised to dismantle the U.S. Climate Action Plan and Clean Power Plan and “ cancel” the Paris climate agreement. Now he claims an “ open […]

Let’s agree on the problem before turning part of downtown Bangor into a parking lot

Amy and Lance Blackstone, Originally posted in Bangor Daily News on Jan 3, 2017 At its December meeting, the Bangor City Council’s business and economic development committee heard citizen comments about a proposed revitalization of Pickering Square. Goals of the project include improving experience for bus users, improving experience for parking garage users, establishing a […]

Why talking politics on Thanksgiving could help us emerge from our political bubbles

Amy Blackstone, University of Maine Originally published in the Bangor Daily News on November 22, 2016. This year, nearly 49 million Americans will travel to visit family and friends over the Thanksgiving weekend. These gatherings, typically associated with gratitude and love, also can be stressful. In the wake of one of our most contentious presidential […]

Moving forward: Six things you can do if you are dissatisfied with Tuesday’s election

Robert W. Glover, University of Maine Many of us, from all parties and political leanings, are dissatisfied with the outcome of Tuesday’s election and are struggling with what to do next. Earlier this week, I had someone email me seeking advice on the best way to influence/sway presidential electors and attempt to change the outcome […]

The life-threatening consequences of policy-making by anecdote for older Mainers

Sandy Butler, University of Maine Originally published in the Bangor Daily News on October 11, 2016.   A September U.S. Department of Agriculture report on food insecurity shows that the number of Americans in food-insecure households has dropped, though numbers remain above pre-recession levels. That’s a welcome piece of news for most Americans. But as […]