Why this year’s older candidates may be less stressed, more optimistic presidents

Lenard W. Kaye, University of Maine. Originally  published in the Bangor Daily News on April 26, 2016. Amid the hotly debated issues of this unusually entertaining presidential primary season, a significant characteristic of the candidate pool has largely been lost in the shuffle. I am referring to the advancing age of many of the presidential […]

Maine’s welfare policies have taken a turn, with dire consequences for kids

Sandy Butler, University of Maine, and Luisa Deprez, University of Southern Maine Originally published in the Bangor Daily News on March 8, 2016. Changes in public policy motivated by politics, not facts, have been disastrous for Maine children. Since Congress passed “welfare reform” 20 years ago, it has become increasingly clear that many of these […]

When inequality is too great, is it time to consider socialism?

Michael Howard, University of Maine Originally published in the Bangor Daily News on February 2, 2016. A Bloomberg poll reported in January that 43 percent of Democratic caucus goers in Iowa considered themselves socialists. That’s Iowa, not Burlington or Berkeley. I doubt that most of them favor collective ownership of the means of production, a […]