Debate over General Assistance eligibility politically motivated and counterproductive

Robert W. Glover, University of Maine  On Monday, Governor Paul LePage sent a memo to every Maine municipality announcing that if they were to provide General Assistance funds without checking immigration status, they would cease to receive Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) funding for any General Assistance funds. If LePage follows through […]

“Cut parents some slack, already”

Amy Blackstone, University of Maine Originally published in the Bangor Daily News on May 13, 2014 Last month, an American Greetings video showing candidates interviewing for the “world’s toughest job” quickly went viral. Job requirements included working while standing 135 to unlimited hours per week, no breaks, no vacations and, ideally, degrees in medicine, finance and the […]

“Maine Voices: It’s time for lawmakers to override LePage’s veto of economic growth”

Christy Daggett, Maine Center for Economic Policy Originally published in the Portland Press Herald on April 30, 2014 State legislators have voted four times to accept federal health care dollars and cover Maine’s uninsured citizens. Four times, the governor has vetoed the majority’s will. The most recent bill is based on “private option” plans in […]

“LePage’s latest welfare ‘reforms’ didn’t succeed, but damage from earlier ‘reform’ is done”

Sandy Butler, University of Maine Originally published in the Bangor Daily News on April 29, 2014 As I watch the 2014 legislative session come to a close, I am relieved more damage was not done by the rash of supposed “welfare reform” bills that were introduced quite late in the game by Gov. Paul LePage. […]