No country for dictators: Why Trump will have to govern, not rule by threats and tweets

Jeffrey Selinger, Bowdoin College. Originally published in Bangor Daily News June 20, 2017. President Donald Trump has said some crazy things — things that a strongman from a dictatorship in the developing world might say, but not a U.S. president. Among other things, he’s denigrated federal judges, challenged the independence of our intelligence agencies and […]

Lessons from France: Universal care works and is not politically divisive

Sandra Butler, University of Maine. Originally posted in Bangor Daily News May 23, 2017. Earlier this month, France elected a new president, Emmanuel Macron. The French presidential campaign and its results may not have captured public attention in the US to the extent that the US presidential election both fascinated and horrified the rest of […]

Maine has strayed from school funding fairness, and it needs to find its way back

Flynn Ross, University of Southern Maine. Originally published in Bangor Daily News April 11, 2017. Ensuring all of our children have access to a quality education is essential for Maine’s future. Quality education helps ensure the development of a competitive workforce and saves money in the long run. The costs of a lack of education […]

Maine must resist the policy temptations that would undermine our public schools

Flynn Ross, University of Southern Maine. Originally published in Bangor Daily News Feb. 28, 2017. Mainers know the value of a good education and support our public schools. In return Maine students continue to perform above the national average on student achievement tests despite high rates of childhood poverty. Maine was ranked ninth in the […]