No savings, no retirement, no relief: The plight of so many low-wage workers

Mary Gatta, University of New York – Stella and Charles Guttman Community College. Luisa Deprez, University of Southern Maine. Originally posted in Bangor Daily News December 20, 2017. The most recent U.S. Census reports that nearly 20 percent of Maine’s population is over 65 years of age and 23 percent are between the ages of 50 […]

Environmental protection is really public health protection

Travis Wagner, University of Southern Maine. Originally posted in Bangor Daily News December 6, 2017. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a public health agency. There are many examples of the EPA’s accomplishments in improving public health. Two examples are the massive municipal infrastructure investments to eliminate the discharge of raw sewage and industrial wastewater into […]

The hurtful racial truth about criminal justice in the US

Steven Barkan, University of Maine. Originally posted in Bangor Daily News November 8, 2017. Sometimes the truth hurts. One truth many Americans don’t want to face is racial and ethnic injustice in our criminal justice system. Kneeling athletes and the Black Lives Matter movement have been reminding us of this problem, but too many Americans refuse […]

There’s a growing gap between Republicans and Democrats on helping needy

Sandra Butler, University of Maine. Originally posted in Bangor Daily News October 25, 2017. Our attitudes toward providing assistance to vulnerable individuals and families through government safety net programs arise from our core values. New research shows that we, as represented by our two major political parties, increasingly disagree on what those values are. A recent […]

GOP budget and tax plans would hurt Maine students, working class, and the elderly

Robert Glover, University of Maine. As a political scientist and professor, I often find myself talking to my students and fellow citizens about the importance of being engaged politically. Right now there are tax and spending plans in Congress that plainly deserve our attention: student aid, along with many other supports for working families, would […]

Struggling to survive: The reality of living in a precarious economy

Valerie Carter, University of Maine. Originally published in Bangor Daily News October 11, 2017. Maine workers and communities have become well acquainted with the disappearance of good jobs in recent decades. From the loss of textile and shoe industries, to the shutdowns of paper mills, which once supported entire communities, many Mainers who once had decent […]

Violence has declined in America, but increased fire power makes shootings more deadly

Editorial originally posted in Bangor Daily News October 4, 2017. A gunman killed 59 people at a music festival Sunday night in Las Vegas. More than 500 people were injured. It was the worst mass shooting in modern American history. The gunman’s cache of weapons and ammunition should prompt serious discussions about state and federal […]

Collins ‘no’ to Graham-Cassidy highlights dangers of rushed, harmful repeal bill

Hayley Tintle, Scholars Strategy Network. Originally published in Bangor Daily News September 27, 2017. Our families and communities suffer when people get sick and die younger than they should. Getting health care makes a difference. But good health policies that help people don’t emerge from a rushed process with virtually no expert input, as has happened with […]